CERTIFICATE Reg. No: QM 07 00221

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Ideal Industries Incorporation was started in the year 2003 by Mr. G. Santhakumar as its Chief Executive cum Sole Proprietor, mainly to cater to the needs of various thermal power plants ( Valves’ spares & Boiler Spares’ etc. ) Today ‘Ideal’ has grown up as an IBR approved manufacturer of High Pressure Valves; manufacturer of Soot Blowers ( Long Retractable Soot Blowers, Wall Blowers, Rotary Blowers etc. ) apart from manufacture and supply of Spares for H.P. Valves, Soot Blowers and various other equipments viz. Safety Valves, ESP, Coal Burners, Oil Gas Burner, Bowl Mills, Gravimetric Feeders, Dampers & Gates etc.

Please refer to our Products & Services for our detailed activities.

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